Welcome to Alrex Developments

Building your dream home takes a lot of time and planning. After extensive research and floor plans, you still think that, you are missing something but do not know what it is. Alrex Developments is proud to announce that we are the most reliable in home building business and eager to adhere to your building wishes. Not only do we build for people who have pre-planned their whole house, we also design houses for people who have no clue on what type of house they want.

We are expert and experienced home builders Mornington Peninsula, and our company’s sole aim is to make your present and future as beautiful as you have dreamed of. We have been designing, building and renovating houses for over 65 years in Mornington Peninsula, which is why we are now the leaders of exceptional quality and excellent designs.
In home builders Mornington Peninsula, we believe that when a person is investing to build a house, our top priority is to be transparent, meaning coming up and front with him or her about the cost. We work with a simple and clear process, and provide you with premium options every time so that you can easily manage building a house within your limited budget.
We believe that the greatest homes are those, which reflect who you are. That is why, we take ample of time to discuss and comprehend your needs, and only then we match your needs to a range of modern, dynamic and contemporary floor plans and designs that will make you feel that this home is truly yours.
We guarantee you that we will be honest with you through the whole process, giving you the updates of every move we make, and consulting you on every step, so that throughout the entire process you feel in control.

New Home Builders And Building Contractors in Mornington Peninsula

We will always put you first, which means we will create a home that will truly last throughout your life. As a home builders in Rye, we provide outstanding house building with equally friendly and outstanding customer service. Above all, Alrex Developments is the name of trust, which sees through each and every small detail and considers it important, as they are the things that make a house, truly a home.
Whether you are looking for a two-bedroom house, or a bungalow to accommodate your large family in Blairgowrie, Alrex Developments will always be ready and on the go to start with the building plans and designs according to your specifications. Even the minute details will be taken under considerations and will be immediately put into action, to transform your dream house into reality.